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We have over a decade of Experience in Recruitment & Attendance Management with Cloud HRIS in Shipping, Service, Education and Manufacturing Industries


IMPRESSOLS is a Management Consultancy firm that insists clever solutions in following areas:

  • Recruitment Services (Specializing in Shipping, Textile, Software, FMCG)
  • Employee Record Management (Expertise in Maintaining Employee / Personnel Files)
  • Payroll Processing (Right From Attendance Management to Salary Bank Transfer)
  • Job Analysis (Complete WorkLoad Analysis with KPI Building)
  • Management Grading System (HAY based Job Evaluation/Grading)
  • Performance Management System (KPI Based Online System)
  • Training & Development (Specializing in Behavioral & Technical Competency Workshops/Exercises)
  • HR Policy Drafting & Implementation (Complete Policy Designing based on Market Best Practices)
  • Internal Audit (Setup of Pre-Audit Mechanism of Payments)
  • Admin & Inventory Management Software (Included in our Package)
  • Purchase Committee (Setting up a Core Purchase Committee to ensure smooth procurement)


Payroll Service Pakistan


 [Cloud Time Attendance & Payroll Management]

Following services are provided on Cloud Basis:

Payroll Management:

  • Designing, Developing and Publishing Attendance Policies with Approval of Management.

  • Conducting In-House Employee Orientation of Policies and Training of Attendance System.

  • Employees can login Online and View Attendance Ledger, Leave Balance, Loan/Advances & Apply for Loans/Advances as per policy.

  • Virtual Payroll Manager Accepts all Attendance Adjustments Requests as per Policy before processing Salaries.

  • Virtual Payroll Manager Prepares Salary Sheets with JV(s) and Submits Salary Sheets to Accounts Department.



Mobile Attendance System

Don't worry about managing Attendance Devices at different locations. Our GPS based Mobile App does it all for you wherein your employees can mark their attendance through their phone at predefined Geolocation in both Offline & Online modes.

How this system works:

  • Our App uses GPS Technology to locate Latitude/Longitude of the phone. 
  • The employee can mark attendance at predefined Geolocation even if there's no internet. Attendance gets auto uploaded to Cloud Server as soon as the internet is available. 
  • The locked Geofenced location works if the employee is in defined range. 
  • Supervisor can check the logs online at Admin Panel where the employee's location address can be viewed.