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We have over 10 Years of Experience in Handling Entire HR & Admin Department, Purchase Committee, Internal Audit Structure in Shipping & Textile Industry.


IMPRESSOLS is a Management Consultancy firm offering management services and insisting clever solutions for following areas:

  • Recruitment Services (Specializing in Shipping, Textile, Software, FMCG)
  • Employee Record Management (Expertise in Maintaining Employee / Personnel Files)
  • Payroll Processing (Right From Attendance Management to Salary Bank Transfer)
  • Job Analysis (Complete WorkLoad Analysis with KPI Building)
  • Management Grading System (HAY based Job Evaluation/Grading)
  • Performance Management System (KPI Based Online System)
  • Training & Development (Specializing in Behavioral & Technical Competency Workshops/Exercises)
  • HR Policy Drafting & Implementation (Complete Policy Designing based on Market Best Practices)
  • Internal Audit (Setup of Pre-Audit Mechanism of Payments)
  • Admin & Inventory Management Software (Included in our Package)
  • Purchase Committee (Setting up a Core Purchase Committee to ensure smooth procurement)



 [Cloud Time Attendance & Payroll Management]

Following services are provided on Cloud Basis:

Payroll Management:

  • Designing, Developing and Publishing Attendance Policies with Approval of Management.

  • Conducting In-House Employee Orientation of Policies and Training of Attendance System.

  • Employees can login Online and View Attendance Ledger, Leave Balance, Loan/Advances & Apply for Loans/Advances as per policy.

  • Virtual Payroll Manager Accepts all Attendance Adjustments Requests as per Policy before processing Salaries.

  • Virtual Payroll Manager Prepares Salary Sheets with JV(s) and Submits Salary Sheets to Accounts Department.



 [Providing Janitorial Staff/Manpower as per Client Requirements]

Following services are provided:

Recruitment of Janitorial Staff:

  • Visiting Client Premises and Analyzing the Need of Staff.

  • Arranging Staff and Conducting In-House Employee Orientation of Policies and Training of Attendance System.

  • Daily visit of Supervisor to Monitor Janitorial and Peon Staff.

  • Audit of Cleaning Material & Stock.